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The Personality Builder, Hairstyle Men

Hairstyle Men, A Positive Approach

hairstyle men

Not three words that often appear together. Men tend to be a stylist at best by improving hairstyles. Unless you’re attending beauty school you’re not likely to find a useful, detailed guide.

But now there is one. Written by men and for men, this is meant to give you all the information you need for good-looking hair every day. We’ve kept it short and simple so you can read, learn, and be done, armed with everything you need to keep the capstone of your personal style looking sharp.

Basic Element For Hairstyle Men

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When a person looks at you, what do they see? Your clothes, your face and your hair. The “appearance” of your hair breaks down into a couple of different components. You’ve got more control over some of them than others.

The part can be changed in seconds, the length in minutes, and the color in hours (changing the length in seconds is also possible, but not recommended unless you’ve just enlisted and are off to see the highly efficient Army barbers).

Put together, these five elements make up the total “look” of your hair that an outside observer sees:

Color For Hairstyle Men

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The color of your hair is one of the two most immediately obvious elements (length is the other). Anyone who glances at you can make the color out.

How Are The Hair Colors Created?

Not all heads of hair achieve their color the same way. The same pale blond, for example, could be achieved by a) thick strands of hair with a naturally light pigment b) much finer strands of hair with a darker or more reddish pigment c) naturally darker hair sun-bleached to a lighter blond or, of course, d) artificial dyes All four of those are four different colors of actual hairs, but at a distance they all have the same pale yellow color.

So What Color Should Be Selected?

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To find that out you’ll have to get up close and personal with a mirror and spend some time checking out the individual hairs.

They may not even be uniform, most people are darker near the roots, and some people’s hair can vary dramatically from root to tip.

You may also have a head of mixed hairs, particularly in the case of men who are starting to gray. That means that most people’s hair is a blending effect.

That’s useful for discerning dressers to know, since very starkly contrasted clothes look better with single shade hair colors, while a more blended outfit that transitions smoothly from one color to the next goes better with hair made from blended colors.

The Right Color Choice 

hairstyles 2018

The one that goes best with your complexion. It sounds like a cop-out answer, but it’s true. Your hair should complement your skin and eyes. A lot of the time this happens naturally.

Guys are fortunately more resistant than girls, in general, to the temptation to dye their hair blond no matter what they actually look like, but you still see some horror shows out there from time to time.

Contrast matters. If the rest of your complexion (eyes, skin, body hair, etc.) is high contrast, like a pale-skinned man with dark eyes and hairs you don’t want to throw that off by dying the top of your head pale.

Similarly, low-contrast men, think dark-skinned men with black hairs, look jarring with hair that doesn’t come close to matching the rest of their complexion.

Should Men Dye Hair?

A few generations ago the answer would have largely been “no.” Hair dye was seen as purely a cosmetic change for women.

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