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Boys Trendy Haircuts, A Brief Discussion

Boys Trendy Haircuts, apart from color, the most obvious trait of any Boys Trendy Haircuts is its length. It’s also the one that comes with the most social expectations.

#Advantages of Different Boys Trendy Haircuts

From a cheap student cut to a salon, the barber ask a frequent question which is  a cut within the following boundaries

Off the back

Off the neck

Above the point where the ear separates from the side of the head

Above the eyebrows when brushed straight down in front that range encompasses most traditional hairstyles for men who want to keep it within the safety zone.

#Categories of Different Boys Trendy Haircuts


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The Basic Lengths You can distinguish hair into three different hairstyles.

Long CutsLong cuts fall into the eyes, over the ears, or past the back of the neck. This could include anything from an unkempt mullet into a neat ponytail to a massively spiked Mohawk that falls to the sides of the face when it's let down.
Medium cutsMedium cuts encompass most traditional side-parts and other business styles. The hair is out of the eyes and mostly off the back of the neck, but it might be long enough to lie across the top of the head or tuck behind the ear.
ShortcutsShort hair can stand up on its own, Buzz cuts are short, as, obviously, are shaved heads, slightly longer hairs worn spiked with product still look to observers like shortcuts, though they may appear more like medium hairstyles when they lie flat.

#Boys Trendy Haircuts Long Or Short? 

boys haircuts 2016

The meaning of long Boys Trendy Haircuts can vary dramatically from culture to culture. White, middle- and upper-class urban Americans usually consider it a gesture of mild rebellion against social norms.

That said, it’s worth remembering that white, middle and upper-class Americans are a minority of the population. If you’re looking to advance in conservative businesses like corporate law and finance, you probably need to avoid long hairstyles.

But boys are more counter-culture industry like software engineering might not find a well-kept ponytail disadvantageous at all. And a punk rocker may actually have more trouble landing gigs with a traditional business haircut.

So there is no firm yes or no for most men. But the majority of men in America will have an easier time in most mainstream interactions with a shorter haircut.

Hair past the top of the neck might generate negative reactions from some people, while hair that stops at the neck is never going to offend anyone. The “Safety Zone” Conventional hair length for men is easy to define.

#Going Bald In Different Boys Trendy Haircuts

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“Male-pattern baldness” gets its name for a reason: there’s a pattern. Hair loss starts at the top and front of the scalp and spreads from there. That means it’s possible to have quite long hair while still going bald.

This is pretty much always a bad idea. Long hair let straight down with a bald spot in the center gets into the “crypt keeper” look. Long hair on the sides combed over the bald spot isn’t fooling anyone (and makes you look desperate).

Keep it short when it starts too bald, or just get a jump on the game by shaving the head entirely. Cue balls have been sexy for years now.

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